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Plasma NRG pristine pure nutritional ingredients
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Plasma NRG super supplements are a nutritional powerhouse with unmatched purity and potency - a new dimension in nutritional excellence.

Your health is your most valuable asset and the most significant wealth. However, many nutrition products on the market are often made from irradiated ingredients to extend their shelf life drastically and are sourced from cheap raw materials. Moreover, highly toxic excipients (such as flowing agents) are also commonly used, which is adamantly unacceptable for good health.

Who are we?

Plasma NRG is a leading-edge and research-based provider of health and nutritional products, striving to empower people to embrace their limitless health potential. Our mission is to offer a new dimension of healthy nutritional excellence with the utmost purity, quality and integrity.

With extensive experience and deep knowledge of the nutrient power that our earth produces, we provide premium health and nutrition products which will allow you to restore the natural body balance from the inside out. In addition, we invest extensively in quality control and monitor every stage of production to ensure our products’ maximum benefit and effectiveness.

Plasma NRG health nutrition products are free of toxic substances from conception to consumption, which can help you reach extraordinary physical well-being. We are determined to preserve the 100% potency of our ingredients, which are cultivated and harvested meticulously to maintain their pristine purity and peak potency. Therefore, we have developed strict purity standards to consistently ensure the products are produced with the utmost quality and integrity.

Plasma NRG offers only ethically produced health nutrition products of uncompromised superb quality, preservative-free and excipient-free. Our health nutrition products don’t contain any potentially toxic fillers, binders and ‘tableting aids.’ All our ingredients are 100% free from synthetic materials, toxins, questionable fillers, and tagalongs, including vegetable stearates commonly used in the industry.


What are the benefits of Plasma NRG health and nutrition products?

The body can be healthy only if it is created with healthy cells. Therefore, our health and nutrition products are produced to sustain and enhance ideal cellular resonance. Plasma NRG’s ultimate objective is to provide targeted 100% beneficial nutrition for your glands, organs, and body cells in general. Purity and safety matter to us, and we have zero tolerance for toxicity, contamination, or ingredients with compromised quality and potency.

All our products are created using a biologically active formula for efficient and rapid delivery to the body cells. This formula is derived from a health-giving organic fermentation process with beneficial bacteria. This way, in addition to the essential nutritional value found in foods, you will get extra health benefits, allowing you to repair and rejuvenate your health at the cellular level.

By promoting outstanding health through nutraceutical formulations, Plasma NRG offers only nutritional products that we believe can make a real difference in our customers’ lives, improve health, support the functions and integrity of the body strengthen the immune system. All our nutritional product ingredients are scientifically researched, clinically tried and patented and must pass our strict purity control standards and protocols.


Quality control

At Plasma NRG, we set the highest quality standards on any health nutrition product and go beyond the industry quality standard, such as cGMP requirements, to ensure that our customers receive ultra-pure and the most potent form of nutrition. Therefore, we collaborate with our entrusted manufacturing partner, who never purchases raw materials that are old, poorly grown, pesticided or irradiated.

The quality starts with the soil that grows our raw materials; it must be beyond organic, without chemicals or artificial fertilizer. The soil also must be fully and naturally fertile, not excessively used, depriving the soil of proper time to return to its original state of optimal fertility.

All plants used for our products must be at their prime growth when the nutritional density is at its peak, at the time they are harvested. Moreover, the ingredients' transportation and storage are equally important; no irradiation is allowed.

  • We require our manufacturing partner to strictly maintain the highly coveted USP certification by using failsafe, bioscience-based methods to validate each ingredient for authenticity, prime potency, and zero toxicity.
  • Our health nutrition products undergo several scientific laboratory tests of raw materials and finished products, including bioenergetic testing of all ingredients to assure the potency and reliability of every component.
  • Highly sophisticated DNA testing equipment (DNA sequencing-based species identification) is used to confirm that the raw materials are authentic and 100% contaminant-free.
  • We use specially engineered manufacturing plastic bottles that block the sunlight frequencies damaging to nutrients, providing you with the full benefits and nutritional qualities right before and after bottling.

We strive hard to be the epitome of excellence in the health supplement and nutrition industry. So, if you want to improve your health and immunity, prevent chronic diseases, or postpone aging, Plasma NRG products are the ultimate solution for a new dimension of your healthy nutrition.


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